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Proper pest control can be a tall order. If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to tackle pest control on your own, then get some help from the experts at TruForce Pest. We complete all of our initial estimates within 48 hours of the time you call and can start treatment immediately after that.


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Family Pest Control


Why choose us?

  • Full Exterior Barrier
  • 20′ Extended Granulation
  • De-webbing
  • Wall Injections
  • Pet & Human Friendly
  • Unlimited Service

Pest Control in Aurora Colorado: 

Being on the outskirts of Denver, Aurora gets its fair share of bug activity. Most people seem to see a lot of ants come the summer months, but often homes have trouble with earwigs, wasps, spiders and voles as well. What ever your problem is, our professionals here at TruForce are dedicated to finding a solution that lasts the year round.

We want to make sure that we eradicate all of the bugs from in and around your home. Our six point process allows us to protect your home from the inside out. When we get a call from Aurora, we are more than equipped to help you take care of the issue. Most of our Colorado technicians have worked in the state for years and are natives  so they understand what it takes to be rid of pests!

Feel free to give us a call to talk through your problem. We’ll gladly offer advice on how to get rid of bugs on your own, or help you develop a regular treatment schedule with our professionals! Either way, we’ll do whatever we can to help ensure that you are living pest free year round!


Our proprietary blend of Demand and other effective solutions achieve knockdown of most pests within 15 minutes, and deliver unsurpassed residual that lasts several months, even at extremely high or low temperatures.


Our certified technicians provide a custom pest solution on every visit, and our service is fully guaranteed. Our service has been proven to control even the most difficult of household pests. No matter what your pest problem is, we are confident we can help.


Our pest control solution consists of flushing pests from the inside of the home, then regularly applying a large perimeter barrier preventing the pests from re-entering the home, garage, and other desired areas.



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