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  • This protective barrier is placed all around the base of the home. TruForce Technicians are trained to use 2-3X more product then our leading competitors to make sure the pests stay far away from your day to day living. NO DILLUTING, JUST OUR HIGH QUALITY iCAP SOLUTION.

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  • Bugs and pests enter the home the same way you and your family enters... through doors, garages, and even windows! These are high traffic areas and are treated every service with our Truck or Mobile power sprayers. Critters are going to have a difficult time getting in for about 90 days! 

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  • TruForce thoroughly applies a 6 foot barrier to the perimeter fence to eliminate nesting sites and greatly reduce any activity that will come from your neighbors home. Your back yard walls are like major highways to most pests and it is how they travel from one nesting site to another.

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  • Our liquid iCAP solution is effective against any pest thats goal is to nest in or breach your homes perimeter fence line. We deal with a lot of hot climates and this advanced application is guaranteed to last up to 90 days!

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  • Many scorpions, black widows and cockroaches nest and breed in retaining walls and cinderblock columns. These walls untreated provide pests uninterrupted protection and lots of space for their families. Our patented dust injection system is quick acting, pet friendly, long lasting, and ensures removal from any wall.

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  • While getting rid of unwanted pests is and always will be one of our main focuses, we also ensure we clean up what pests leave behind. Each visit our technicians look for webs, mud nests to knockdown with our specialized 30' extension de-webber. TruForce will always leave your property cleaner than we found it!

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  • In addition to spraying homes and treating the walls, we wanna make your yard where the kids play pest free. Every service our technicians apply a 15-20' granule barrier around the base vegitation surrounding your home. The waterproof granules are applied to bushes, lawns, and flowerbeds keeping unwanted nests from occurring all around the home.

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  • Knowledge is power... even in pest control. We spend a lot of time and energy understanding each property and structure that we treat. TruForce Technicians are well trained to monitor and track all kinds of insect and rodent activity. Stations allow technicians to easily prescribe the best customized treatment method to eliminate problems quickly.

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Proper pest control can be a tall order. If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to tackle pest control on your own, then get some help from the experts at TruForce Pest. We complete all of our initial estimates within 48 hours of the time you call and can start treatment immediately after that.

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5. Bed bugs Control

Launder all bed sheets and vacuum furniture upholstery regularly.

6. Tick Control

Avoid wooded areas with tall grass and weeds, and wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and boots while hiking. Wash the skin after going indoors. Keep grass and weeds cut back from around the home.

Try these tips. Then if you’re still having trouble removing infestations of any pests, call the TruForce professional pest control squad. We’re the best at pest control in Scottsdale! We’ll give you an estimate, and create a plan to vanquish these pesky pests forever!

Pest Control in Scottsdale AZ:

You may think it matters little what kind of ant you find stomping all over your countertops. But being an expert in all things pesky (and pest-y), we can tell you it does matter. Because different colonies of ants live in different surroundings, and at TruForce, we know all their tricks. Ant habitats may be in shallow soil, or in moist wood, under rocks, or around sinks and bathtubs. If we know the kind of ant that’s populating your home, we know how to put a bull’s eye on It, and remove the entire colony!

Pest Control in Scottsdale AZ

Controlling pests in Scottsdale AZ is not for the faint of heart. On the edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area, “the West’s most western town,” is known for a population of pest-y critters that rivals its human population.

If you’ve tried various pest control techniques, you may have learned what we at TruForce know already: sometimes it pays to call in a professional! But here are a few of our best DIY tips to try if you have an infestation of scorpions, ants, black widow spiders, roaches, bed bugs or ticks in your Scottsdale home.

1. Scorpion control

Seal all cracks on the outside of your home. Then check around your home with a black light at night and smash any scorpions you find. Inside your home, check every nook and cranny of your home, especially inside shoes, under wet towels and in dark piles of debris in your yard.

2. Ant Control

Follow the ant trail back to the colony and eliminate the food source, wiping down the trail. Sprinkle chili powder or cinnamon or boric acid along the trail, and perhaps spray a gentle but toxic spray.

3. Black widow spider control

Clean up woodpiles and junk around the yard, including clothing and newspapers. Install a bird feeder, as birds will attack the black widows.

4. Cockroach control

Clean the infested area and get rid of the food and water source. Remove clutter. Use sticky traps or bait to catch or kill the roaches. Using diatomaceous earth also works to destroy the cockroach’s waxy cuticle.




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TruForce pest control Scottsdale is built on the best premium guarantee in the industry, We are so confident that we can control pests in Scottsdale Az that we’re willing to bet our money and product on it. Thats right if any unwanted pests returns so do we, FOR FREE!

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